Should You Test For Radon?

A question that we get asked often. Please click this link- Radon -to research further. Some people are very concerned, others are not or not informed. We can test a home and get high levels of radon and literally test the home next door with a very different result. The ONLY way to know if high levels of radon are present in a home is to perform a test.

Bottom line, what we recommend to customers - If you or your family spend a good portion of time in the basement, you probably want to have the home tested. If your basement is finished or you're contemplating finishing the basement, for none other than piece of mind we recommend testing.
If the home does test for high levels of radon, the good thing is mitigation is relatively inexpensive and quite effective.

  How Long Does The Inspection Last?

Inspection times will vary with factors to include size, age and present conditions of the home. 
A typical home will average 2-2.5 hrs. with two inspectors on site and about 1-1.5 hrs. for Townhomes and Condos.

  How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of a home inspection is usually a small fraction of the cost for the issues discovered - truly the deal of a lifetime!
The fee varies with the size, age and location. You will not find many inspection companies that will list their prices without a phone call. Please refer to the Fees page for further information.

    What If The Report Reveals Issues?

No home is perfect. We may find issues or potential issues that weren't expected. The report is not a sellers or builders
"Must-Fix" list. It's an impartial reporting of conditions, hopefully giving you clear direction for what should be done about each issue. Each situation is different, and it's up to you to decide how to proceed after an inspection.

  Should-Or Can I Attend The Inspection?

Of course! We encourage your attendance and participation. However we realize that is not always possible and every situation is different. Follow up with phone and or e-mail after you have had an opportunity to review the report is quite common actually.

      When Will The Report Be Ready?

The report in most cases is delivered at the completion of the inspection. No need to wait for a report to be generated in two days or sometimes longer. A comprehensive computer generated report is delivered on site.

  Are You Licensed?

Unfortunately there is no licensing for home inspectors in Colorado - anyone can claim to be a home inspector. That's why it's so important to choose an inspector that has had certified training and has met the rigorous requirements of an organization such as ASHI [American Society of Home Inspectors

      Do You Perform Or Manage Any Repair Work?

No. That would be a direct conflict of interest. 

      Do You Offer A Guarantee?

No. Something can look just fine today and still break tomorrow. If you want a home warranty they are available through your real estate agent or other sources. If you think you're going to get a meaningful guarantee from another home inspector then you need to get the fine print and read it very carefully. Most guarantees from home inspectors are only marketing gimmicks that are riddled with loopholes. 

    Are There Limitations To The Inspection?

Yes. We can't see through walls or predict the future! If we could do either of those, we would be in another line of work.
Keep in mind that we have a limited amount of time to cover a lot of ground. While we strive to be as thorough as possible, it is not technically exhaustive. Yes, we do have the tools and EXPERIENCE to give our customers the information that is needed and valued. The home inspection is not an appraisal or a check for compliance with building codes and it's not an evaluation for any biological or environmental hazards. Please see the inspection agreement for more information on the limitations.